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Window cleaning robot

GlassBot is a cleaning robot that works on multiple surfaces of glasses, tiles, smooth wallsand tables. It works with a built-in vacuum motor that helps it suck air and stand on the glass surface. An embedded UPS (Un-interrupted Power System) prevents the robot falling from the window even when no electrical power.
With two wheels that freely traverse on the window surface or on wall surface, GlassBotcleans glass surface efficiently by the intelligent Al-technology path calculation. As well, it can be manually operated to clean under different modes from the remote control.



>APP Control through IOS/Android system
>For glasses thicker than 6mm
> Al Technology
>Cleaning speed: 4minutes/meter2.
> 4 kinds of automatic operation modes for cleaning entire window» Auto-finish.
> Embedded UPS (Un-interrupted Power System)
> Anti-dropping control algorithm
>Auto detect edges of window
>Micro-fiber cloth
> High strength safety rope (150Kgf)
>Remote control
>Table cleaning mode



Color: White/Black/ Champagne gold/ Customized(MOQ500pcs)
Input Voltage: AC110-240V
Net Weight:0.95KG
Power: 80W
Frequency: 50/60Hz 
Power Adapter;24V, 80W, 5.5m Cable length
Battery: Built-in Li-ion battery, 600mAh 14.8V
Charging Time: 1 hour
Single Package:30*23*13.5CM;2.3kg
Shipping carton:6pcs/ctn/51*36.5*51cm; 15KG
Certifications:  CE,FCC,ROHS 
Usage: High-rise outer glass floor-to-ceiling doors and windows; bathroom tile wall, marble wall; mirror LCD screen; desktop


What's in the package?

>Cleaner Machine x 1 pcs
>Cleaning cloth X 12 pcs
>Remote controller X 1 pcs
>Power Adapter (100~240VAC, 50~60Hz) x1
>AC power cord X1pcs
>DC power extension cable (4 meter)x 1
>User Manual X1
>Cleaning ring x4
>Safety rope x 1


Before Using

> The robot shall always connect power cable for normal using.

>How to put the robot onto glass to start using?
(1) Turn on power-switch, and then make sure the fan is running.
(2) Put device onto glass and keep 10cm away from the window frame.
(3) Check if device can stick to the glass before releasing it.

>How to take device down from glass?
(1) While device is running, please hold safety rope with one hand and take device downfrom glass with the other hand.
(2) Turn off power-switch in safe area.

> Safety rope and buckle
(1) Before using, check if the safety rope is broken or the knot is loose.
(2) Fasten the safety rope and tie to indoor fixture before operating.

>UPS (Un-interrupted Power System) function
(1) The UPS function will be enabled automatically when no electric power supplied. Thebackup time of this UPS is 30 minutes.
(2) If no electric power is supplied, the device will stop automatically, alert and flash redlamp. User shall take device down from the glass as soon as possible.
(3) User can pull device back by pulling safety rope. Slightly pull the safety rope at anangle close to the glass to prevent dropping.

>Please make sure the battery was full-charged (green lamp ON) before using
(1) First, turn off the power-switch on the device. Plug in the power. Orange lamp ONmeans charging.
(2) Green lamp ON means the battery was full-charged.

>Table cleaning mode
Put device on the table and select auto-cleaning mode, the device will run in table- cleaning mode.




(1) Do not use it on frameless glass.
(2) Make sure put cleaning ring onto cleaning wheel correctly for no leakage.
(3) Do not use it in rainy or moist day.
(4) Set danger-warning area downstairs for no-balcony window and door.

7. Control it with your smart phone
Users can control the cleaner through bluetooth matching to your smartphone, which is simple and convenient.
> IOS System:
Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
> Android System:
Requires Android 4.3 or later, bluetooth 4.0 or later.



How to control it through APP ?

(1). Connect the robot to power supply and press "Start" to turn it on The robot has to be turned on so the program can be found and matched toyour smartphone.
(2). Turn on your phone's "bluetooth" )
(3) Find Glassbot App and open it on your phone 
(4)App is available 
(5)Click "Bluetooth search" on your phone, and match it to your phone 
(6) Connection sccessful, you can control it through your phone now