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Infrared Thermometer



Product Overview
Product name: Infrared Thermometer
Product model: Quve-003
Range of use: To display body temperature of subject by rece
-iving thermal radiation from its forehead
Contraindications: None
Product Performance
Temperature measurement range:
Temperature mode: 32~42.9 (89.6 ~109.2)
Temperature measuring time: about 2 seconds
Resolution: 0.1
Maximum allowable deviation:
Within the range of 35.0 to 42.0, ±0.2/±0.4 ;
Outside the range of 35.0~42.0, ±0.3/±0.5
Display method: LCD liquid crystal display
Appearance size: 145MMX62MMX40MM
Weight: Approx. 133G
Automatic shutdown time: 6 seconds
Current consumption:
Static OFF≤20UA, Dynamic ON≤20MA
DC power supply: DC 3.0V (Two AA batteries)